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Mixal Heights Post and Beam Log Construction

About Dakota Ridge Builders

Dakota Ridge Builders is an award-winning, leading custom home builder. We will help you plan a custom home that works well on your lot, that fully reflects your design goals and makes the most of the unique topography of your land.

We Build Homes For Life

Living where you want, in a custom built a home on land you may have dreamed about for years… it’s all worth it.

Roots in the log and timber industry

Dakota Ridge Builders began operations in 2009. However, the experience of the team goes back further to 1999 with the founding of West Coast Log Homes. After years of seeing contractors make avoidable mistakes when finishing log and timber structures the team at West Coast Log Homes decided to offer complete construction services as Dakota Ridge Builders – named after a well-known local mountain recreation area.

The combination of West Coast Log Homes and Dakota Ridge Builders allows us to leverage heavy log and timber experience with professional construction management principles to offer exceptional custom homes showcasing a unique west coast style.