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Homes from design to completion.

Building a new home is a complex undertaking and Dakota Ridge Builders can help make the process as smooth and trouble free as possible. From the very beginning we can offer design services to ensure your home is designed in a cost effective manner. During construction our project managers will provide detailed estimates, cost tracking reports, and delegate sub-trades. Additionally Dakota Ridge Builders will coordinate between clients, architects, designers, and engineers to ensure a smooth flow of information between all partners.

Home decor inside the Davis Bay Wateerfront by Dakota Bridge Builders

Building with a difference.

At Dakota Ridge Builders we pay attention to details. Our techniques for ensuring a properly built home are first-class and surpass industry standards. We believe that clients must be brought to understand the importance of proper construction details. Here you will see some examples of construction techniques which illustrate this attention to detail.

To the right you can see the process of finishing an exterior wall. Several layers are applied in order to produce a water tight seal against the heavy timber while allowing ventilation behind the board and baton siding.

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