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Gibson ocean beach renovation outside backyard

Gibsons Ocean Beach Renovation

This stunning contemporary family home has its roots in the earlier family-owned summer cabin built-in 1972. The original 3-story home contained a large brick, wood-burning fireplace, which was removed during the renovation to create additional living area.

This single family home was redesigned to provide the family with 2 self-contained, separate suites. The top suite provides living space over two levels with room for a growing family and guests. The square footage of the first floor was increased to enclose a former carport, affording a larger living space than would have been otherwise available for the one-level suite on the main floor. Both suites have expansive decks offering spectacular views of the Salish Sea. The former attic above the separate garage now functions as a yoga studio/retreat space.

This beautiful new home demonstrates what can be achieved by keeping the basic structure (walls, roof, foundation) of an existing home, while updating the look and feel of the home.

Most importantly, a renovation increases the functionality of an existing home to meet the variety of needs of a range of family members without the cost of building a new home.

Gibsons Ocean Beach Renovation Project Summary

Building Style

Contemporary Family Home


Dakota Ridge Builders


West Coast Log Homes

Construction Date