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A home renovations can be a viable alternative to building a custom home. Utilizing an existing structure can not only be cost effective but also much more sustainable. However, renovations come with inherent challenges the most important of which is incomplete information.

Advanced planning and preparation as well as exploring the existing conditions as thoroughly as possible are key to undertaking a successful renovation. Haphazardly demolishing walls and structural elements can result in unnecessary headaches and problems. Dakota Ridge Builders has the experience and resources to avoid costly mistakes.


In contrast to renovations, restorations focus on reinvigorating existing elements rather than full replacement. In particular older wood homes often feature individual structural pieces that may be rotting and endangering the integrity of the home. Dakota Ridge Builders is uniquely well equipped to handle such scenarios. Our extensive experience in dealing with timber and log homes has given us a deep pool of knowledge to draw from in dealing with difficult wood restoration projects.

Let us have a look at your restoration or renovation project.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and to see if Dakota Ridge Builders can offer its services to ensure a successful renovation or restoration project.