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A Custom Home Builder.

Dakota Ridge Builders offers complete turn-key construction solutions. Our services range from project management to renovation and restoration of existing structures. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and satisfaction built on trust and transparency. The key to successful construction projects is timely and accurate information and communication between owners, managers, and sub-trades.

Our expertise in heavy timber and log construction is invaluable from the earliest stages of a project. We are pleased to offer consulting services to both residential and commercial clients looking for advice and guidance for their project.

Home Decor Inside The Davis Bay Wateerfront By Dakota Bridge Builders

Custom Homes

Custom homes are unique to their physical location and owners needs. Thorough planning, design, and estimating are crucial to the success of a custom home project. Dakota Ridge Builders has both the experience and resources to complete your custom home project while exceeding expectations.


Experience is crucial when dealing with the unknown elements of restorations and renovations. Often the renewal of existing spaces is preferable to demolition and new construction in which case creative and lasting solutions are needed for construction problems.

Full-height Window

Project Management

Construction projects are complex undertakings where potentially costly mistakes can be made. Dakota Ridge Builders has the experience and systems to avoid these pitfalls. Accurate and detailed estimates, material and time tracking, and thorough contracts are all tools we use to ensure projects are managed prudently.

The most important decision…

is choosing the right builder to work with. A custom home is an enormous investment in both money and time. It stands to reason that every effort should be made to choose a trustworthy and capable home builder. We have created a short guide that will allow you to ask the right questions in making this important decision.